Communicating Arts to Photograph Studio Catalog of American Abstract Surrealist William A. Roberts

Deep Sea Phenomenon", Watercolor and Gauche, February 10, 2007
“Deep Sea Phenomenon”, Watercolor and Gauche, February 10, 2007. (c)2007 William A. Roberts.


Descent of Neptune, Watercolor, February 2007.
Descent of Neptune, Watercolor, February 2007. (c) 2007 William A. Roberts.


Cavern Forms, Watercolor, December  18, 2000
“Cavern Forms”, Watercolor, December 18, 2000. (c) 2000 William A. Roberts.

William A. Roberts has an art story that starts in childhood with talent and a devastating fever, suffers in the shadows of a triple murder, and begins anew after a long hiatus. ¬†Aided, abetted, perhaps, by the local coffee shop scene in Hagerstown, Maryland — just us “old guys” gabbing over coffee and newspapers at the counter — Communicating Arts has agreed to photograph the artist’s collected and still resident works.

Canery Row, Harvey's Inn, Watercolor, 1994
Canery Row, Harvey’s Inn, Watercolor, 1994. (c)1994 William A. Roberts.

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Road Snaps, South-Central Pennsylvania, November 18, 2013

A series of five snapshots — true: recorded from the passenger’s seat or standing by the side of the road — using the Lumix Lx5 and posted to Communicating Arts–The Journal.

The same series has been posted on Fine Art America for print sales.

A related note has been added to J. S. Oppenheim — All Together.

A fair slide show containing an expanded set appears on Flickr.

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